Serverless App on AWS Workshop

A Note-to-Speech App

Saved Variables

  • API Gateway Invoke Url

Tutorial developed for FEUP students at "Semana de Informática" conference on the 1st of November 2018 by Pedro Costa.

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  • Two S3 (Simple Storage Service) Buckets
    • - Storing the static website
    • - Storing the MP3 files
  • Gateway - Connects the HTTP Requests to lambda functions
  • DynamoDB - No-SQL database for storing the notes
  • Polly - Amazon service to turn text to voice
  • Lambda functions
    • - GetPosts - Searchs the DB for the posts
    • - NewPost - Adds new post to DB and creates notification for turning that text into voice
    • - ConvertToAudio - Retrieves text from DB, converts it to audio, storages the file on S3 and updates DB post record
  • SNS (Simple Notification System) - Decouples the architecture, separating the new post function from the convert to audio


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